Nurturing young performers of all ages with Glee programs in Maine.

Music enhances child development, providing intellectual and emotional benefits that last a lifetime.

-Marilyn Price-MitchellPh.D.

"Applause:Children, Music& Social Change."

At GLEE we are a team. We each have Unique talents to share. We work together to put on multiple unique performances for our community showcasing and celebrating our many strengths and talents. We work on Many music and performance facets including:

Team Building

Reading Sheet Music

Pitch Recognition

Vocal health

Vocal and stage technique

Story telling through music

Music Theory Basics

Stage presence and confidence

much more


SongBird GLEE Sessions in Richmond and Gardiner Maine


Richmond sessions: Wednesdays 3pm-5pm OR 6pm-8pm

Gardiner session:Tuesdays 4pm-6pm OR 6pm-8pm

To Register, Choose your time and community on registration page.

If you have interest in the start up of a SongBird Glee program in your town. Contact us!

“Music has a power of forming the character and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young.”


My daughter had a wonderful time in Glee Club with Mary. Her voice really developed, and her confidence soared. She sang the songs every night (and still is)! Watching her sing Hallelujah on stage with the other kids, and then sing a solo (which she was so proud of) brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Mary for making it fun for the kids, and for bringing them, and us all, such joy!

-Rachel W.

Glee provided a safe and fun space for my daughter Haven to get out of her comfort zone. At home she’s always a little performer, practicing gymnastics, singing songs and putting on shows for me. For others, she was timid and shy. Once Glee started Haven flourished! She began singing her harmonies with people close to her and people she typically would not. In just 4 weeks, Haven was confident and ready to perform on stage in front of a crowd and boy did she perform! She danced to the melody, used facial expressions that matched the music and put on quite a show. She had no fear and I owe Miss Mary for the gentle, loving support and guidance she offered her. Haven is over the moon to take part in this amazing new Fall opportunity in Richmond

-Brianna C.

Mary was so incredible with my daughter, and really opened up and opportunity for her to feel how much she loves preforming for a crowd. In the beginning I was a little nervous having my 5 year old in a focused music class, but Mary and the girls she was working with quickly formed a bond and they made sure my daughter (the youngest in the glee club at the time) felt welcome and helped her every step of the way. She came home every night excited to tell me how to warm up my vocal chords, new songs she was learning, and especially how much fun she had. The songbird studio really helped my daughter find the fun in practice, and learning, and performing. Mary is great with the kids and taught them more in 4 weeks than I ever expected. Her students rocked the stage at Richmond days! Maya will forever be grateful for her chance to “sing for the town” and I’ll be forever grateful for the experience and confidence she gained while also having fun.

Thank you Mary! ♥️

-Rachel H.